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Backup Battery Faults in Performance Cars

Understanding the “Backup Battery Fault” Warning in Your Performance Car

High-performance vehicles like Porsche, Mercedes, Ferraris and Lamborghinis use advanced electrical systems for optimum power. These often have a main starter battery plus a backup battery for running electronics. So it's common to see a "backup battery fault" on your dashboard, especially in our hot Australian climate. Don’t stress—we can definitely sort this for you!

What is the Backup Battery?

In your high-revving performance machine the backup battery powers comfort features like the sound system, AC, and parking sensors while saving the main battery for starting the engine. The backup battery is constantly charged but wears out over 3-5 years in our harsh conditions.

How Does a Faulty Backup Battery Impact Performance?

When the backup battery fails, you’ll lose function of features it powers, like wipers, interior lights and even safety systems. If both batteries die, the car may fail to start, which is no fun in the Australian bush!

What Should I Do About the Backup Battery Warning Light?

Don’t ignore a backup battery fault light! Have it checked ASAP, as you don’t want to lose power on the track suddenly. We can test your electrical system and identify the exact issue. If the battery needs replacement, we’ll fit a quality replacement suited to the demands of your car.

Why Choose Fitzgerald Racing Services?

We are performance car electrical specialists with over 30 years of experience. Our technicians use the latest diagnostic gear to precisely test each system and only fit genuine, high-quality parts built to handle Australia’s tough conditions. We want your exotic car running flawlessly!

For service on your high-performance vehicle’s electrical system, call today!

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